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Fundamentally Children

Fundamentally Children

What is Fundamentally Children?

It’s a new website ( providing independent expert advice on play, toys and child development and is the home of the Good Toy Guide and Good App Guide.

How did you come up with the idea for the site?

Fundamentally Children came about because of a number of things that happened at the same time including:

• the success of the Good Toy Guide that lead to demand for and development of the Good App Guide

• we noticed a huge increase in parental demand for expert advice on current issues like eSafety, special needs and learning
through play

• we did some user testing and wanted to improve and expanded the existing Good Toy Guide website

• Our CEO, Dr Amanda Gummer’s parenting seminars and workshops were becoming increasingly popular and she was being increasingly asked for her opinion on child development issues but was struggling to find time for it all with the Good Toy Guide’s expansion.

So we decided to pull it all together under a single umbrella brand and expand our team and relaunch all in one go.

Doess the Good App Guide run in the same way as the Good Toy Guide?

Yes. We review the apps in our play clubs and give the same fun, developmental skills and ease of use ratings. Parents can search for apps and toys by age, skills developed, rating or key word. We’ve got lots of apps that link to national curriculum outcomes. Lucy Gill is our expert in children’s tech and as well as providing independent reviews of apps for kids she also provides advice on eSafety, cyber-bullying,choosing tablets for children of different ages and managing screen time.

So what makes Fundamentally Children special?

Being able to make all of our expert advice available to parents in the same place as they are searching for apps and toys makes a great resource. We are impartial and combine our theoretical knowledge with hands on experience and direct involvement with children to give parents practical advice that they can easily implement and a user-friendly website to help them find exactly what they’re looking for. On top of all that there’s the regular give aways and competitions. The feedback we have had from parents so far has been great and we’re continuing to expand our advice and test new toys and apps so it’s
always relevant and up to date.

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