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Halloween - managing the sugar rush!

Halloween  - managing the sugar rush!

Trick or treating is increasingly popular but with the amount of sweets that kids get given, getting them to calm down in time for bed can be its own Halloween nightmare!

Here are Dr Gummers top tips for managing the sweetie overload:

  • Agree a limit before the trick or treating starts. You can make it quite a low limit so you’ve room to add an extra sweet into the deal if they’ve behaved really well during the trick or treating.
  • Ensure all sweets are given in at the end of the trick or treating and then children can have an allowance over the following days/weeks
  • Use the sweets to decorate desserts that the whole family will eat as part of a meal
  • Try and get (especially young) children to go out as soon as it’s dark and only for a short time so that they’re not getting the sweets just before bedtime
  • Make sure the few days before Halloween are healthy and you can use trick or treating as an incentive to get children to eat more fruit/vegetables in the run up to it.

Don’t be afraid to limit times and amounts of sweets children eat. Remember you’re the parent and the last thing you want to be doing this halloween is changing bed sheets because children have overdosed on sweet treats just before bed and made themselves sick.

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