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Love your Zelf

Love your Zelf is celebrating the launch of Character Options new girl’s collectable dolls, The Zelfs. With the slogan ‘Love your Zelf’, the dolls represent individuality by their crazy up raising neon hair and intricate body art. So with this in mind we thought we would ask Dr Amanda Gummer all about self-esteem or should we say Zelf esteem!

With the half-term holidays soon upon us, we have six weeks to spend some quality time with our children. This part of the year is always a great to spend one to one time with your child and to also help build their self-esteem so that little ones can go back to school happy and confident. 

Here’s a checklist from Amanda that will be a good step towards confident kids.
• Give lots of specific, genuine praise - praise effort and positive character traits for things that deserve it, don't just dish out indiscriminate niceties.

• Model positive self-esteem, check yourself and try to stop putting yourself down.

• When children feel a bit insecure, give them tasks that they enjoy and you know they can do well.

• Build trust with your child and reward them with increased trust and responsibility (all children want to be more grown up and this helps them feel they're on the right path)

• Don't compare your children to others. Instead, compare them to their younger selves to demonstrate how much progress they've made in different aspects of their lives.

• Encourage your children to role play and 'try on' different personas so they can develop their own and feel comfortable in their own skin.

• Give children increasing amounts of control over their lives, starting with limited choices (e.g. do you want to wear the red or the blue top today?) and moving up to giving teenagers control over allowances, leisure time etc.

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