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Makaton and Something Special

Makaton and Something Special

If you’ve watched Something Special you will know that throughout the programme a type of sign language is used. This sign and symbol language is called Makaton and is designed to support spoken language through signs, symbols and speech in order to help children and adults to communicate.

When developing the programme and the Toy Collection, simple Makaton signing and symbols used are enjoyable and beneficial to all children, but in particular to those that have limited speech and cannot, or prefer not to, sign. 

Makaton is very flexible and can be used to: share thoughts, choice and emotions or to label real objects, pictures, photos and places. It helps children to take part in games and songs, or to listen to, read and tell stories. In later life it can help adults to create recipes, menus and shopping lists, write letters and messages and help people find their way around public buildings.

The truth is that Something Special may have been developed with communication through Makaton in mind, but this programme is now enjoyed by all; as are the toys in the collection. That’s what is so unique about this very special children’s property.

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