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The importance of being creative

The importance of being creative

Our resident child psychologist, Amanda Gummer believes that: “Creative activities such as arts and crafts help children develop a range of skills that they don’t learn in more traditional lessons.

“Decision making, self-expression and imagination as well as the development of fine motor skills and manipulation of different materials, are all important factors of healthy development and school curriculums work best when they promote holistic development and don’t just focus on exam results”

What’s more, children learn best through simple playtime which enhances problem solving skills, attention span, social development and creativity.

When it comes to play, children learn fantastic social skills and these can be developed through creative projects that they embark upon together. It is these relationships that are the bedrock of society and children who play develop mutually rewarding relationships, learn the art of compromise, plus great communication and negotiation skills.

So remember, being creative and allowing play is important to a child’s healthy development and not just something to be done as a reward or afterthought.

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