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The lost art of arts and crafts!

The lost art of arts and crafts!

Our resident child psychologist, Amanda Gummer commented that: “Creative activities such as arts and crafts help children develop a range of skills that they don’t learn in more traditional lessons. Decision making, self-expression and imagination as well as the development of fine motor skills and manipulation of different materials, are all important factors of healthy development.”

We at suspect that many girls no longer participate in arts and crafts, in favour of their electronic device or favourite TV programme. But now we’re seeing that new gadgets and gizmos can encourage girls to become more creative without even knowing it.
The loom bracelet has been a huge craze over the last six months and has seen girls of all ages become engaged in arts and crafts by making these cool rubber band bracelets. Its products like Cra-Z-Loom that are great for getting girls into arts and crafts without even realising it!

The final comment from Dr Amanda Gummer however is that creative play doesn’t have to be expensive, a box of loo rolls, clean yoghurt pots, sticky tape, old clothes, glue and coloured pens/paint can provide hours of entertainment. So before throwing rubbish away, see if it can’t be kept in the junk box and used to stimulate you’re children’s creativity.

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