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Your kids and Youtube - is it safe?

Your kids and Youtube - is it safe?

Your children and YouTube… it safe?

YouTube is an online website that allows users to showcase their original videos to rest of the world.

It now has billions of users globally and provides the author with a massive audience that no other (non online) venue can offer. Watching other people’s videos can also be very useful and pose several benefits.

With audiences of this scale any video your child uploads can be seen instantly around the world and by thousands. With this in mind it is important to discuss with your children your concerns and how they can stay safe on YouTube. Highlight what they should and shouldn’t be posting and what the consequences are if they posted something they later regretted.

The same safety advice goes for watching videos. although it’s possible to engage security settings that can help prevent unwanted images and data being seen, nothing is 100% and it is important you inform children how to use the internet and its content safely.

Despite many concerns about content on YouTube there are plenty of positives to using this site, these include:

• Showcase videos around the world to people who would never have the opportunity to see your work without YouTube.

• If your child wants to learn a new skill the online videos can be incredibly helpful. For example, Loom Band techniques and cats cradle ideas, how to use a sewing machine.

• Music videos are easily watched, dance moves can be recreated at home.

• TV shows that have been missed or you want to watch whilst you're travelling or away.

• Look back at past music videos or TV shows. It can be lovely showing your child what you used to watch when younger.

The negatives of using YouTube include:

• Children obtaining access to images or texts that are inappropriate.

• Strangers accessing images of your child.

• Children can often upload videos without parental consent.

• Instant viewings, therefore you don't have long to remove something you later regret.

It is inevitable that your children will access YouTube at some point for whatever reason. The important thing to remember is that as long as they are sensible and use it responsibly, following all the rules you set out, it can be a very beneficial site to them.

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