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12 year old school boy crowned Child Genius 2017

12 year old school boy crowned Child Genius 2017

As parents some of the most emotional and proudest moments we have with our children when is we see them developing talents. We love nothing more than to see them excel in school or do well in their extracurricular activities like music or sport and we all know that there is nothing truer than the phrase practice makes perfect!

Over the weekend we saw this level of encouragement to the extreme with Channel 4’s Child Genius where Rahul a 12 year old school boy was named 2017 champ after a very tense final. It was clear from the offset that Rahul and his father Minesh were extremely competitive, in an interview Minesh said that they are a family used to winning and doing well in exams and competitions.

The subjects in the final were a little beyond our knowledge with Rahul's chosen subject being  Edward Jenner's medical innovation and methodology in 18th Century England – we don’t quite know what that is either!

After last night’s final, Rahul’s father was met with some backlash by the public as he was caught smirking on camera when his son’s nine-year-old competitor, Ronan, got a maths question wrong by one digit. When Rahul won his father ran down to him, took the trophy and lifted it in the air with elation. It was almost as if Minesh felt like he had won! Good job his son didn’t follow his father’s behaviour, on his win, the youngster said, "I am extremely delighted to win, well done to Ronan and all the other competitors. Thank you."

Rahul has an incredible IQ of 162 which is thought to be higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking! There is no doubt that he truly is a child genius and we congratulate him on his tremendous win over the weekend- but the question is are competitions like Child Genius breeding a new generation of pushy parents?

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