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13 year old girl donated organs that saved 8 lives!

13 year old girl donated organs that saved 8 lives!

If ever there has been a story to convince you to put your name on the organ donor register, then this is the one! In the news this morning is a wonderful story about how a young girl of only 13 years has gone onto help a record numbers of lives through organ donation.

Jemima Layzell’s decision to donate her organs came following the death of her friend in a car crash. Tragically, only a week later Jemima collapsed with a brain aneurysm and later died in hospital. Her parents chose to respect her wishes and decided to donate the teenager's organs.

Her parents have now been told that Jemima’s organs helped to save the lives of eight people! It’s really astonishing that she has gone onto to save that many lives. The NHS has said there has been no other donor who has gone onto the save so many lives and her parents couldn’t be prouder of the legacy that she has left behind!

Jemima’s heart went to a five-year-old boy, her lungs to a 14-year-old and her liver was split between two boys, aged ten months and five. Her kidneys, pancreas and small bowel have transformed the lives of an additional three people.

Jemima also donated eye tissue which was used to restore the eyesight of three people – she really has had an incredible impact on so many people’s life!

NHS Blood and Transplant said 457 people died waiting for a transplant last year, including 14 children. Will this story persuade you to put your name on the organ donor register? Are you already on the organ donor register? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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