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Facts you probably never knew about a man’s best friend.

Facts you probably never knew about a man’s best friend.

In most cases dogs are not only your pet but also your best friend so if you’ve ever wondered why your dog is so sensitive and loves to follow you around, we have some answers.

Researchers studied 36 dogs from 14 different breeds and found that most were indifferent when their owners ignored them until the owners showered their attention on a stuffed dog.

This resulted in the pooches’ behaviour to change dramatically, sparking snapping and snarling. The discovery shows that while dogs are man’s best friend, they still have the capacity to surprise us.

Here’s our top 10 facts that you may not know about your dog:

1) Dogs don’t’ feel guilt
2) Despite common knowledge that dogs see in black and white, dogs can actually see in colour!
3) Dogs urine can sometimes corrode metal - so perhaps think next time when you let your pooch go up a lamppost!
4) Dogs can see UV light
5) Their sense of smell is REALLY powerful. In fact, they can smell disease
6) Dogs can suffer from jealousy. Recent searches resulted in pooches’ behaviour to change dramatically after an owner showered attention on a stuffed dog.
7) Wagging their tail doesn’t always mean they’re happy. Apparently dogs wag their tail to the right when they’re happy and to the left when they’re frightened.
8) Dogs have their own fingerprint just like us!
9) Dogs dream just like us humans – take a look at this video
10) Some dog breeds are even rarer than pandas!

Do you have any more strange facts about your dogs that you’d like to share with us? If so, share them with us @UKMumstv

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