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20 craft activities to celebrate the Teletubbies 20th anniversary!

20 craft activities to celebrate the Teletubbies 20th anniversary!

Can you believe the Teletubbies brand has been going for 20 years?! Neither can we! It’s so lovely to see a new generation of little ones watching the TV series and enjoying all the great toys on offer.

To celebrate the anniversary, here are 20 fun craft ideas for you to try at home with the kids.

  1. Stick coloured buttons to some card to create a fun Teletubbies themed door-sign!
  2. Use coloured pipe cleaners to make a Teletubbies antenna!
  3. Make Tubby Toast by cutting bread into a circle and cutting out eyes and a smile.
  4. Create Teletubbies models with colourful moulding clay.
  5. Use purple, green, red and yellow Beados to make Teletubbies characters.
  6. Paint a Teletubbies scene with watercolours!
  7. Find some large pebbles and paint them with the Teletubbies’ faces!
  8. Use colourful card to make a giant pinwheels in the style of the Teletubbies Magic Windmill! 
  9. Draw Teletubbies and Tiddlytubbies faces on some colourful balloons, blow them up and enjoy!
  10. Use icing pens to draw the Teletubbies on some cupcakes!
  11. Draw the Teletubbies faces on card and pierce holes in the sides to create masks.
  12. Add pink food colouring to yoghurt to make Tubby Custard.
  13. Use scrunched up tissue paper to create 3D Teletubbies pictures.
  14. Make Teletubbies paper chains!
  15. Use strips of card to make Teletubbies bookmarks for your little ones’ favourite books.
  16. Chop up some colourful fruit and veg to make fun Teletubbies inspired fruit plates.
  17. Finger paint Teletubbies faces onto paper plates to decorate walls in the kids’ bedrooms.
  18. Use yellow card, glue and string to create a hanging Teletubbies sun!
  19. Stick Teletubbies drawings to lollipop sticks to make fun puppets!
  20. And don’t forget to download and print the Tiddlytubbies activity sheets here

Will you be celebrating the Teletubbies 20th anniversary? Share your ideas and pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter @ukmumstv.

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