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3 year old Noah Buble reportedly free of cancer

3 year old Noah Buble reportedly free of cancer

An Argentinian journalist says he has been told by sick Noah Buble’s aunt: “The cancer has gone.”

Tomas Dente revealed the news on a morning TV programme as he read out a message he said Daniela Lopilato, Noah’s aunt, had sent him after he contacted her to check out reports the three-year-old was recovering from treatment for liver cancer.

“She tells me, ‘Yes, Noah is recovering and we’re very happy that’s the case. His parents will speak when they want to do so’.”

He added: “There’s a sentence which I think is wonderful and has to do with the information a colleague of mine had received but I insist there’s no official confirmation because Noah’s parents haven’t spoken but in principle the youngster is on the mend.

“The sentence is, ‘The cancer has gone’.”

The youngster’s parents, who confirmed their son had cancer in a statement posted on Michael’s Facebook page last November, have yet to make any official comment, but we have fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the reported statement that Noah is cancer free will be confirmed very shortly.

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