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Activity ideas for your little princess or prince!

Activity ideas for your little princess or prince!

From kings and queens… to castles and royal carriages, children absolutely love fairy tale themed play and with the new Princess & Sir George toy range from Character Options, they can include their favourite characters too! The toy range includes fairy tale playsets, royal figures and more for hours of exciting play with Princess Peppa and Sir George.

Seeing as the collection is so popular, we decided to put together some fun activity ideas for when your children want to act like royalty themselves!

1. Build a castle: Why build a den when you can build a grand castle! Gather some cardboard boxes, felt tips and any other craft materials you have and let your children’s imagination do the rest! It’s amazing what children can create from something so simple.

2. Make a dragon mask: Young knights may like having fun around the castle, but from time to time there might be a dragon for them to fend off! Cut the silhouette of a dragon’s face out of green card and give little ones everything they need to draw a face and add ears. Top tip: for a fire-breathing dragon, stick the ends of yellow and orange tissue paper strips to the mouth of their mask, then as children blow through the mask, it will create an exciting fire effect!

3. Design your own outfit: Whether it’s a shield for young knights to protect their castle, or a luxurious dress for little princesses, children love to look the part during imaginative play! Fun ideas include painting a coat of arms onto a cardboard shield, making a crown out of daisy chains, or making a court jester hat with red and yellow socks!

Do these activities get the royal seal of approval from your little princesses and princes? Tweet us at @Ukmumstv and let us know which ones you try!

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