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Adventurous activities for Kate & Mim-Mim fans!

Adventurous activities for Kate & Mim-Mim fans!

The new range of Kate & Mim-Mim toys has taken over, thanks to the launch of the new Just Play toys.

We’ve teamed up with the toy makers Just Play to introduce you to this exciting new range of toys based on the hit Cbeebies preschool series!
If you haven’t seen it before, Kate & Mim-Mim is all about the adventures of five-year-old Kate and her toy bunny buddy Mim-Mim. As they travel to the fantasy world of Mimiloo, Mim-Mim transforms into a larger-than-life playmate!

As fans will know, Kate loves nothing more than twirling away with Mim-Mim on imaginative adventures in Mimiloo.  Imaginative play is great for your child,  research shows that this kind of play has many benefits. It  helps children make sense of their world. It is not uncommon to see a child “play” something they experienced in real life, either in an attempt to make better sense of it or to gain emotional control over it. 

We’ve listed some imaginative ideas below for great adventures with your child.

Role Play - Kate believes that she can do and be anything.   What do your children want to be when they are older?  Perhaps suggest some of the roles that Kate has taken on during the series: Astronaut, Princess,  Cow girl, Train driver, Egyptian, Pirate or take them somewhere where they can act out their roles like a museum or a Pirate ship playground,

Set up camp – Children love using their imagination to go on exciting adventures! For an easy daytime activity, set up a tent or a tipi in your back garden and little ones can create their very own secret camp. Hours of imaginative fun will be had and they can even bring their favourite toys just like Kate would! Or if it’s a rainy day give them a large cardboard box you’ll be amazed at the number of things children will turn it into.

Twirl Away – Where would your child like to twirl away to with their favourite toy?   Plan a trip, real or imagined, to your child and their favourite toy playmate’s favourite destination. This will encourage conversation and imagination as your little one creates stories and memories with their favourite toy! You don't even need to leave the house to do this - some of the best adventures happen in a den in the living room! 

Which of these activities will you be trying with your children?

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