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All about Qixels

All about Qixels

Qixels are the cubes that fuse together with a spray of water! This new creative play range from Character Options encourage boys to get creative, something which previously could be a difficult task to do due to lack of products on the market.

Every Qixels set includes colourful micro cubes that can be laid out and fused together one cube at a time to create a whole host of pixel styled designs based on various fun themes, in the pixel style that is all the range.

Qixels Fuse Blaster RRP £14.99

The first product in our Qixels round-up is the Fuse Blaster. This futuristic Water Sprayer delivers a fine mist of water which joins pre laid designs together so you have one final character. This fused character can then decorate rooms or become toys ready to be played with. This set comes with 400 multi-coloured cubes, six design templates, two cube trays plus a whole host of accessories and display stands. It’s the perfect starter kit to get creating your pixelated masterpieces.

Qixels Turbo Dryer RRP 19.99

If you want to fuse your Qixels characters in record time the Turbo Dryer does just that! All you have to do is lay the designed Qixels out onto the Fuser Station, spray with water and close the lid. Once you have pressed the plunger the station will begin to spin, air drying in half the time of the Fuse Blaster

Qixels Themed Refill Pack £9.99

If you need to reload on Qixels, themed refill packs will be available to purchase, which includes 500 cubes in each along with themed templates enabling you to expand your pixelated portfolio.

Why loves Qixels

The great thing about Qixels is even though they take time to create even those with less skill can make brilliant creations. For play value they really are excellent. 8.5 out of 10.

If you love the Qixels range as much as we do you can find out more here

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