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All about the Beados Range

All about the Beados Range

Beados are the magic beads that join together with a spray of water. No heat, no glue, no mess! You can use templates to make up your designs, then spray them with water and you’ve created Beados! New to the range are Gem Beados, these brilliant creative sets allow children to create their very own wearable jewellery.

Beados Gem Designer Studio RRP 19.99

The Beados Gem Studio is the perfect way to start your Beados jewellery collection. The Design Studio has storage space for your gems with six different colours to choose from. Once you have chosen your colour place them onto your template using the gem pen. Then in true Beados style, spray water over the gems and they will magically join together to create necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Each set contains 500 Gem Beads, 1 Gem Designer Studio, 1 Necklace with Clasps, 1 Clasp, 2 Rubber Bands, 1 Necklace Pendant, 1 Ring, 6 Connector Plugs, 1 Bracelet, 5 Bracelet Disks, 2 Bead Trays, 6 Design Templates, 1 Bead Scoop, 1 Water Sprayer and instructions.

Beados Gem Suncatcher Activity Pack RRP 14.99

You can create a sparkling butterfly suncatcher with the Beados Sunshine Butterfly Activity Pack. Your beautiful suncatcher is created using the same magical joining gem beads - just make, spray and display! No heat, no glue, no mess! You will be amazed as your stunning creation sparkles and catches the light. It even includes a gem box to keep all the beads neat and tidy.

Each set contains: 600 Gems, 1 Gem Storage Container, 1 Suncatcher Hanger, 5 Threads, 9 Suncatcher Attachments, 6 Design Templates, 2 Design Trays, 1 Water Sprayer, 1 Tweezer Pen and instruction


Beados Gem and Glitter Themed Refill Pack RRP £7.99

There are many different refill packs available to get you up and running again. The refill packs come in different themes including Precious Pendants, Wonderland Castle, Bag Tag Fun, Friendship Jewellery and Family Playtime.

Why loves Beado’s

The great thing about Beados is even though they take time even those with less skill can create beautiful designs and creations. For play value they really are excellent. 8.5 Out of 10.

If you love the Beados range as much as we do you can find out more here

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