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All about the Wissper Show

All about the Wissper Show

New Wissper toys have launched and we’re having a big celebration on over the next two weeks. Whether your children love it, or you’re completely new to the series, here is everything you need to know!

Wissper is a sweet yet gutsy seven year old girl who can talk to animals and help solve their problems. She is an ordinary and down to earth girl who little ones will relate to instantly, and her kindness towards animals is so adorable to watch.

Not only can she talk to animals but she can also sense their feelings and understand them completely. She uses her talent to reach out to creatures everywhere across five different worlds. Places around Wissper’s home become these new worlds when she says the magic word “Shhhh”, and her panpipe provide soothing music along the way. Underneath her bed becomes a bright green jungle, the bath bubbles into an ocean, her sandpit turns into a desert dune, and so much more!

Along the way, Wissper makes friends with so many fun animal characters. Read their bios below to find out more!

Meet the characters:

Gertie the Giraffe – Tall, gangly and nervous!

Kev the Crocodile – Energetic, confident and a total surfer dude!

Peggy the Penguin – Loveable, cute and mischievous.

Dan the Pan – Laid back, slow and gentle.

Stripes the Tiger – Feisty, sophisticated and powerful!

Monty the Meercat – Lively, chatty and playful!

Herbert the Shire Horse – Honest, strong and hardworking!

You can watch Wissper weekdays on Milkshake and Nick Junior Too, and visit the Wissper website here!

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