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Allow children to play with their food!

Allow children to play with their food!

Is your little one a fussy eater? Are you forever trying to convince them to try news foods and to finish off all of the food on their plate?
Well you may need to get over this annoyance because experts are now saying that we should encourage fussy children to play with their food! Can you believe it?

All this time we’ve been bringing up our children and teaching them to have manners at the table and now experts from National Institute For Health and Clinical Excellence, state that if your child is underweight or struggling to gain weight then we should encourage messy mealtimes.

According to NICE if a child isn’t eating enough food for their age or height then parents should encourage a relaxed and enjoyable feeding time by even allowing them to be messy! Apparently, this is the best way for fussy eaters to reach their best weight.

This could be good news if you no longer want to have those mealtime battles! NICE also highlights the importance of eating together as a family and to avoid punishing kids if they do not “eat nicely”.

If your child is a fussy eater, don’t worry, it’s probably a stage that they will grow out of as most kids will change what they are willing to eat throughout their lives. For now just try and make food and mealtime as fun and exciting as possible.

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