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Are free school meals about to be axed?

Are free school meals about to be axed?

Around this time last year every single reception, year 1 and year 2 student in England is entitled to a free hot lunch at school. This £600 million idea was introduced by Nick Clegg during the last coalition government.

However, barely a year on, it has now be rumoured that the free school meals are at the top of the Department for Educations spending cuts. To take part in the scheme many schools had to upgrade their kitchens. Which was a very costly procedure with average costs of around £200,000.

Many believe this scheme cannot be scrapped due to the governments ring fencing of the schools budget. But the free school meals initiative does not come under that budget.

A petition has begun to stop this from happening and has already gained 10,000 signatures. If you want to sign it you can do so here.

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