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Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

A study carried out in support of Immediate Media’s newly launched The Furchester Hotel magazine has revealed the travel troubles of the nation’s families ahead of the August Bank Holiday.

With the ‘Great Getaway’ soon upon us, millions of Brits are expected to hit the nation’s highways and byways to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.  The study, carried out by Opinion Matters, asked over 1,000 parents with children aged 5 and under about their holiday travelling habits.

The results revealed that almost a quarter (22%) of children ask ‘are we nearly there yet?’ 11-15 minutes into a long journey and that 29 minutes into a journey is the average time children ask that same question.

Stephanie Cooper, Group Editor & Education Advisor, Pre-School Magazines, Immediate Media, said: “Around 16 million of us are traditionally estimated to take to the road for the August Bank holiday and we know that many of those will be families.  As our survey reveals, even the shortest journey can be difficult with small children in tow so, for families travelling by car, plane or train, we’ve come up with some strategies to help parents ease the pain.  Whether it be distracting them with their favourite magazine, playing adventurous games or spotting landmarks we hope parents will never have to hear the dreaded question ‘are we nearly there yet’ ever again!”

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