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Are we overdoing it with antibiotics?

Are we overdoing it with antibiotics?

Should you finish a course of antibiotics? Yes. The answer has always been yes, but a new study has revealed that this could be wrong!
GP’s have always told patients that failing to finish a course of antibiotics is ‘irresponsible’ as it could increase antibiotic resistance. But doctors from the study fear that taking the drugs after recovery could in fact increase antibiotic resistance! At this point we just don’t know who to believe!

The advice from the study directly contradicts the of World Health Organisation guidelines, which tells patients to complete antibiotic courses even after they start to feel well again. The concern GP’s have with this new advice is that if we stop taking our antibiotics part way through a course because we feel better it may not necessarily mean that the infection has gone away.

We’re not ready to turn our back on years of advice after just one study, we believe more trials are needed before we start to change our behaviour but to think we could have had it wrong the whole time!

What’s your approach to antibiotics? Do you always make your kids finish the course or do they stop when they feel better? Let us know of Facebook and Twitter.

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