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Are we too obsessed with finding unusual names for our kids?

Are we too obsessed with finding unusual names for our kids?

Finding the perfect baby name can be hard work for parents, especially if you want the name to be different and stand out. There’s been a wave of old-fashioned names come through the playground over the last few years as parents are looking towards ‘Victorian’ era names for inspo.

Names like Archie and Bertha have become a lot more popular amongst children over the last few years as parent’s battle it out to have the most unusual name. But have we become too consumed by the desire to want our child to have a different name in the playground from anyone else? And are names like Greville, Euphem and Adolphus, taking this trend a step too far?

According to Grasnet a fifth of grandparents actually dislike their grandchild’s name as they feel it is too odd, too unconventional or too old-fashioned! Yes – they believe that parents’ choices are becoming too outdated and unfashionable!

Grandparents also admitted that they felt insulted that their name choices had been snubbed or were upset that parents chose not to carry on the family name. They also felt that some of their unusual grandchildren’s names were too hard to pronounce and some admitted to only ever calling their grandchild by the shorter version of their name!

While the elders in the family may have certain views about names for a new-born, when it comes to baby names you can’t please everyone, so as long as you and your partner are happy that’s all that matters!

What do you think about unusual name choices? Would you call your child a Victorian era name? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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