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At what age do you rediscover your Christmas spirit?

At what age do you rediscover your Christmas spirit?

Many people do not find Christmas as enjoyable as when they were a young child. This may be down to stress, worrying about money or maybe because you have just lost your Christmas spirit.

However research commissioned by intu shopping centres suggests that actually on average most adults have their best Christmas at age 31. The survey which was analysed by television presenter Johnny Ball polled over 2,000 Brits about their festive attitude. It was revealed that as a child most people enjoy Christmas the most at the age of nine with receiving presents and decorating the tree as favourite Christmas activities.

Children’s TV presenter and campaign celebrity spokesperson, Johnny Ball, commented: “Nine may be the 'magic number' when it comes to having the best Christmas ever but it's wonderful to think there are perhaps two generations of Christmas joy - being kids and then rediscovering the Christmas Spirit as an adult. 

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