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Baby Name Trends for 2013: Thor, Frost and Astrid

Baby Name Trends for 2013: Thor, Frost and Astrid

If experts are to be believed it won’t be long before you hear mums calling out for little Thor, January or Athena at a nursery near you.

Analysts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz have predicted the following themes are set to become hits with parents next year:

Ancient and Roman Gods: Powerful and deep names inspired by The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and even an Avenger are set to be hot for 2013.
Think: Thor, Augustus, Atticus, Juno, Julius, Maeve and even Persephone.

The Weather: Something us Brits are sure to be fans of! Winter, January, March, Snow, Frost are said to be on the rise and Sander and Alessandra in the US due to Superstorm Sandy.

Grandad and Grandma Names: Celebs like Lily Allen and Jack Osbourne are already on board with this one with babies Ethel and Pearl. Vintage nicknames like Annie, Max, Millie, Monty and Hank are all said to be popular.

Scandinavian: For something more exotic, parents are expected to Scandinavian-influences, with Astrid, Kai, Lars, Magnus and Liv expected to have a moment.

What do you think? Any of the above take your fancy or are they a bit too strange?

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