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Baby on the Go in Winter

Baby on the Go in Winter

Here is a selection of things which have caught our eye:

1. Pramsuit from Mamas and Papas  (£38.00)

We were sent a red pramsuit – it is lovely quality; quilted on the outside with a soft and cosy jersey lining.  We particularly loved the zip which opens from the back round to the front as well as conventionally, allowing you to change baby without getting him undressed or exposing too much of him to the cold!  It has detachable mittens and is machine washable.
Follow this link for more information:  Mamas and Papa's Pramsuit 



2. Snoodz’n’Mitz from Skibz (£15.00)

Another cool product we received was a Snoodz’n’Mitz pack from Skibz, containing a pillar box red snood and mitts.  This is excellent for little ones (starting from 6 months).  The fabric is cosy and soft and very stretchy and we particularly liked the idea of the snood being both a scarf and a hat at the same time – with less chance of it coming off and getting lost whilst you are out and about.  The mitts are long arm-warmers which go quite a way up the child’s arms and so won’t come off easily; they also have little covers which can be pulled over the child’s hands to keep them warm and toastie.



3. Bobux Booties (£30.00)

These gorgeous leather booties will keep baby’s feet wonderfully warm.  They are very soft and don’t prevent baby from moving his feet and toes around.  They mould to baby’s feet and their original elasticated design means that they stay on.



4. Totseat (from £19.00 to £29.95)

This is a versatile and portable cloth char seat which can be fastened to fit in almost any chair to create an instant highchair when you are out and about.  It fastens behind the chair and comes right up over baby’s tummy so that he is tucked in and comfortable irrespective of what shape or size the chair is.  The harness is fully adjustable for children who can sit unaided up to approx. 30 months.  Fully machine-washable in a variety of modern designs.

Visit Totseat for more information.


5. BundleBean for Babywearing (34.99)

This is a waterproof sling carrier cover designed for baby to wear.  It is made of soft waterproof fabric with a fleece lining.  It is wide and long enough to fit comfortably over all ages from baby to toddler and can be used with all types of baby carriers, including back carriers and rucksacks.  It has four elastic and Velcro straps which attach the cover securely to make sure that baby is keep warm and dry and also comes with a removable hood.  A little sac is also provided for storage when not in use.

Click here to read more about Bundle Bean


6. Hippychick Footmuff (from £44.99)

Pram footmuffs are a must and Hippychick has a good range to keep baby warm and snuggly in the cold.  The baby pram footmuff has two cover options with light padding for the spring and autumn and an extra deep padding for the really cold days.  It is available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit a wide range of buggies and babies and is fully machine washable.

To see the complete range, go to Hippy Chick 

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