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Back to school!

Back to school!

Instead of the news this morning, we know that parents only have one thing on their mind - back to school!

After a long summer break it feels about time the kids go back to school! The end of the school year seems so long ago and after having the kids in the house for the last six weeks I can hear a sigh of relief from parents across the country that the kids are finally back to their usual routine – school!

Today, the schools are back which means only one thing; the mad school rush in the morning is back! Oh joy! You could tell from the traffic rush on the way into work this morning that the kids are back to school!

Traffic aside, for some kids today is a big deal! It could be their first day at a new school or their first day at secondary school! As parents we know how worrying it can be sending your child off for their first day of school. If you do have worries then remember kids are resilient and we are sure they will settle in just fine!

As much as kids may moan about the prospect of going to school, today is an exciting day. They will get to see school friends they have missed over the summer holidays, see what new classes they’re in or what new teachers they have. And after having spent a fortune over the summer holidays to deck your kids out with the latest stationary sets we’re sure that they can’t wait to show them off to their friends too!

Are your kids excited about going back to school? Did you take an annual picture of your kids in their new school uniform this morning? Let us know your thoughts on the kids back to school on Facebook and Twitter.

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