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BBC stars who earn more than £150,000 a year to be named

BBC stars who earn more than £150,000 a year to be named

Today, the BBC will release their annual report which will detail their high earners and name all stars who earn more than £150,000.
The BBC's annual report will look back over last year’s finances and spending and it will be the first time that the report is published to the public.

Reports have predicted that Gary Lineker and Chris Evans will be amongst the biggest earners on the payroll. However, some major names that you would expect to see on the list such as Graham Norton and Mary Berry may not be there as they are employed via a third-party production company.

This report is set to expose the difference in pay for men and women presenting programmes together which are likely to cause great uproar. Reports have predicted that only a third of the high earners are women with the gender pay gap being worse for older stars!

We’re intrigued to see who is going to be on the big earners list and to take a closer look at the gender pay gap. Let us know your thoughts BBC pay being revealed on Facebook and Twitter.

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