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BBQ Must-Haves This Summer!

BBQ Must-Haves This Summer!

Fancy getting the BBQ out during this rare and beautiful English heat-wave? Then take a look at our BBQ must-haves this summer and cook something which will keep the whole family satisfied.

From flavoured sausages, thick meaty burgers to table salad essentials – we have it all sussed out, so your shopping list is already prepared!


Here are our favourite summer meats and salads to make all your neighbours jealous whilst lounging in their gardens:





6 British Pork Sausages with Caramelised Red Onion Confit, Waitrose, £2.99 –

These were our favourite sausages we tested on the barbie this summer! They were extremely meaty and had a succulent onion flavouring to compliment. This is one that the whole family, even those fussy little eaters won’t be able to refuse.





Tesco Finest Beetroot Salad, Tesco Finest, £2.00 –

We find it extremely difficult to choose a salad which all our guests can enjoy. This Tesco Finest beetroot salad is a high quality mix of ingredients with generous cubes of beetroot, which come in a separate bag. You could make your own beetroot salad, or if like us you prefer to just buy it all in one – this sweet salad is the one for you. 





4 Beef Burgers with Tomato and Basil, Tesco, £3.00 –

Not the meatiest of burgers but the flavouring made up for it! These delicately flavoured tomato and basil burgers went down a treat at our BBQ and although they weren’t as meaty as we first thought, the overwhelming tomato taste hit all the right spots for our taste buds.





Meadowfresh Potato Salad with Yoghurt, Lidl, £1.79 –

If you like creamy potato salads that serve the entire family, then this is just what you have been searching for. Are you fed up of buying small pots that only allow one spoonful per person? Well this healthy yoghurty potato salad was a huge hit at our summer BBQ and we even had some left-overs for the next day.






14 Chicken Satay Selection, Iceland, £3.00 –

These frozen chicken skewers are quick, easy, cheap and ideal for a party in the garden. If you have a load of people coming over to yours and don’t have much time on your hands, these rich satay selections will stop you from worrying. They were really quick and easy to cook on the BBQ and were extremely tasty too!




6 Pork and Chorizo Sausages, The Cooperative, £2.99 –

Fancy some thick sausages that are extremely rich in flavour and perfect for those who like to experiment with their taste-buds? These sizzlers have a sweet fragrant taste and a meaty thick texture which is ideal in a bun with some onions. Or experiment like we did by sticking it in bun with some sweet onion chutney – go on you know you want to!







Hot and Spicy BBQ Marinade, Sainsbury’s, £1.29 –

Are you a creative cook? This Sainsbury’s own hot and spicy BBQ marinade will have your meat tasting smoky, rich and tangy in no time at all. We marinated some chicken overnight and then barbecued it the following day and everybody was really impressed that it was a marinade from a bottle. A cheap alternative to making your meat taste a bit more flavoursome.





Aberdeen Angus Red Wine and Herb Burgers, Waitrose, £3.00 –

For all you meat lovers (and wine lovers) out there! These meaty, rich red wine flavoured Aberdeen Angus beef burgers are perfect for all the adults at your BBQ. We didn’t give the kids much of a chance to taste these ones! If you fancy pulling out all the stops, these tasty and beautifully smelling red wine and herb burgers are what will have your guests raving about your BBQ all summer long!

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