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Bear Hunt Activities

Bear Hunt Activities

This week we have been getting to know the new We’re Going on a Bear Hunt animation which has just been released on DVD. The beautiful tale has inspired us to think of some fun ways for fans at home to join the Bear Hunt adventures.

In the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt DVD, the family ventures through whirling snowstorms, thick oozing mud and dark forests on their ambitious quest! Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor activity you’re after, read on to see how you can recreate the expedition at home.

How to turn a rainy day into an action-packed Bear Hunt!

Create an outdoor trail where little ones can walk through grass, splash in a stream, get stuck in the mud, and then eventually find some kind of cave or shady enclosure. What will they find hidden inside? You decide!

You’re going to need: Binoculars, raincoats, a torch, and a prize.

Can bears be found indoors? There’s only one way to find out!

Alternatively, hide lots of clues around the house! For example, different clues can be hidden in imaginary locations; a shaggy rug can represent flowing grass, a bath tub a splashy river, or a wardrobe can be a dark gloomy cave! Inside the final location, hide a teddy bear with a prize and see who can find it first!

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