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Beware of fake fidgets!

Beware of fake fidgets!

Fidgets are the new craze for kids these days, they are constantly spinning them round whether they are in the house or in the playground it’s hard to escape the trend! But did you know that poorly made fidgets could be posing serious health threats to your children?

Some of you may have seen on television but if you have not then, BBC 1’s Watchdog investigated a sample of spinners found that the products had edges sharp enough to puncture skin and even eyes and failed basic toy safety checks!

What to you do if you have bought a fidget? Well take a moment to check for the CE mark on packaging; this means that the product meets European standards. Especially, if you have bought a fidget through unofficial channels such as local shops or even on eBay, then you definitely need to check that it is safe for your child to use!

National trading standards officials have also urged the public to buy the toys from a reputable seller, like a toy retailers, this will ensure the product is safe to use!

With so many around at the moment you don’t want your child getting caught in harm’s way with a faulty bit of plastic!

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