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Beyoncé and Jay Z name their new-born twins!

Beyoncé and Jay Z name their new-born twins!

Beyoncé has given birth – well according to her father she has! We have yet to hear if from Queen Bey herself! Beyoncé’s father let the cat out of the bag when he announced on social media on June 18, that she had given birth to twins.

During this whole pregnancy Queen Bey has kept everything under wraps – we didn’t even know when her due date was! We don’t think she’s going to be very happy that her father outed her birth before she got the chance! Just like when she dropped the news that she would be adding to her bee-hive on Instagram with a dramatic photoshoot in underwear and veils swishing in the wind – Beyonce likes to be extra! We think she would have like the announcement to have aligned with a glamorous photoshoot!

There have also been claims that they have named their new-born twins Rumi (for the girl) and Sir (for the boy). It comes after the American power couple reportedly filed documents to trademark those names for a variety of products including perfumes and baby teething rings! Looks like they’re not one to miss an opportunity and would you expect anything less of a billionaire couple!

Everyone here at UKMums.TV would like to offer huge congratulations to the couple and hope she has two very happy and healthy babies!

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