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Boris Johnson names Jeremy Corbyn a “mugwump”

Boris Johnson names Jeremy Corbyn a “mugwump”

We are just over a week since Theresa May announced the shock snap election taking place on 8th June and things are already getting personal!

Boris Johnson has turned on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as he writes in The Sun that voters should not feel sorry for the "mutton-headed old mugwump". The Foreign Secretary follows his deeply personal attack with a warning on Brexit. "Corbyn's approach would be a recipe for paralysis and uncertainty - and for Britain to get totally stiffed in the negotiations," he writes.

The article had the exact effect Boris Johnson wanted, his insult washed over Twitter as people take to the internet to ask the question “what is a mugwump?”

While it sounds like a mythical creature from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, JK Rowling did in fact borrow the term to describe the Internal Confederation of Wizards in her Harry Potter novels. The meaning of the word in the modern dictionary is actually very different. Mugwump is a person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics.

Is this a word you will be adding to your vocab? We will certainly be using it in everyday life! Let us know you thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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