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Breakthrough in Ben Needham search

Breakthrough in Ben Needham search

It’s the heart-breaking moment Ben Needham’s family have been dreading after a 25-year-search for the missing tot: police have declared the 21–month-old ‘very likely died due to an accident’.

We can’t even begin to imagine the agony Ben’s parents, mum Kerry and dad Eddie, and their family must be going through right now after living in hope he may still be alive over more than two decades. Ben was last seen at the farmhouse they were staying at in the Greek island of Kos.

As the Mirror reports, with just hours to go before police were due to call off their search, they made a discovery in a secret fly-tipping site half a mile from the house where digger driver Konstantinos “Dino” Barkas dumped his waste, a little yellow car Ben was almost certainly playing with on the day.

Police believe the digger may have been responsible for the Sheffield boy’s death as it was driven by Barkas, who is believed to have died from stomach cancer last year, and the 21-month-old’s body was moved after the accident. Ben’s gran Christine, who remembers buying the toy for him, is quoted as saying of the news: “I was shaken by it and both me and Kerry cried. I just felt sick really. It was a shock.” And of the car, she added: “I expected it to have no paint on but I was 90% sure it was Ben’s. When I saw it I felt disbelief.”

We hope the family has the answers they have been searching for.

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