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British Gas announces a rise in its tariffs!

British Gas announces a rise in its tariffs!

Today British Gas has announced that next month it will ramp up its prices by a massive 12.5%! This is the last thing we need after paying out during the summer holidays on trips and holidays; now we’ve to think about these huge gas price rises that are looming just around the corner!

British Gas is set to increase its prices by mid-September which is now only a month away which will affect 3.1 million customers and it is thought that the average annual dual fuel bill will go up by £76!

Maybe it’s time to start listening to that over excitable Martins Lewis from the Money Saving Expert and switch! He always emphasises how households are missing out on the cheapest tariffs on the market by not switching.

If you’re with British Gas will you be switching before September? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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