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Call to rid ‘Essex Girl’ from the English dictionary.

Call to rid ‘Essex Girl’ from the English dictionary.

Do you find the term ‘Essex Girl’ offensive? We all know what it means when we hear the phrase, don’t we? And it’s hardly complimentary of women from the southern county, so we weren’t surprised to hear that people are up in arms about it.

The Only Way is Essex star Gemma Collins is among a host of angry women calling for the term to be removed from the English dictionary! Here’s what ‘Essex Girl’ means according to the Collins English Dictionary, just in case you’re unaware of the official definition: “A young working class woman from the Essex area, typically considered as being unintelligent, materialistic, devoid of taste and sexually promiscuous.” No wonder women from Essex are so upset about it, eh!

As the Metro reports, an #IAmAnEssexGirl campaign has been launched on social media, along with a petition which already has thousands of signatures, by Natasha Sawkins, 34, and Juliet Thomas, 32, both from Essex, who say: “For us, the saddest part about the existence of these definitions is not the fact that a whole county of women are pigeon-holed into such an appalling stereotype. ‘Unintelligent’, ‘materialistic’, ‘sexually promiscuous’ and ‘devoid of taste’, these terms simply don’t define the women we know.”

However, there’s an argument that says the English dictionary should be a record of how the language is used at the time, whether offensive of not. Where do you stand on this debate? You can let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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