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Can a glass of wine actually HELP the way you look?

Can a glass of wine actually HELP the way you look?

Ladies! We’re loving all the studies that are coming out at the moment that are now suggesting that alcohol is good for you!

This latest study now suggests that while drinking in excess is nothing short of bad for your health, stopping at just one glass can have some actual benefits. It has now been claimed that drinking small amounts of booze can ‘enhance your beauty and even out your skin tone’.

Femail, at The Mail Online, had found the five best ways that alcohol can enhance you…

1. Drinking wine can make you beautiful! A study at Bristol University has found that drinking wine can make you more beautiful, even if you companion is sober. The study goes on to say: “While it's not known exactly why alcohol can improve someone's appearance, the researchers suggest it may be to do with pupil dilation – which can indicate attraction and rapport.
Muscle relaxation in the face and rosy cheeks could also be reasons that someone is more attractive after just one drink.”

2. Even skin tone! This ones the expensive one… according to using a cotton ball soaked in champagne as a face wipe could leave your skin looking clean and refreshed. I think we’ll believe this one when we see it!

3. According to Imre Janszky, a professor of social medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, those who drink wine, spirits or beer regularly are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rare or never drink

4. A restful night's sleep does wonders for your appearance. And a glass of red wine could help the cause. Italian scientists found the grapes used to make red wine contained high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin, reported.

5. Researches claim red wine contains an 'miracle ingredient' that can help prevent ageing.
Resveratol, an anti-oxidant found in the grape skins that give red wine its colour, is said to reduce wrinkled and halt the onset of time, according to scientists.
But rather than drink it, the ingredient has been combined with vitamins and minerals to create an anti-ageing moisturiser.
So what are you waiting for?

Read the full article here. Courtesy of Mail Online

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