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Canter into the Horse Club Collection

Canter into the Horse Club Collection

Schleich’s new Horse Club gives young horse lovers everywhere the chance to discover a realistic riding world, with playsets and accessories that are bound to be with a winner with girls who are passionate about all things equestrian.

Hours of fun are guaranteed with the Riding Centre with rider and accessories (£99.99) as it easily transforms into an open riding arena, and just like a real horse farm is packed with troughs, saddle and bridle holders and moveable gates and windows. An additional bonus is the Riding Centre comes with stickers and flowers, perfect for personalisation!

For fun on the move, the Pick Up with Horse Box (£39.99) is ideal. The pretty vehicle and trailer includes a horse figurine, a female groomer and a range of equestrian accessories to help young imaginations run wild.

Children will love to stage a horse event with the Big Horse Show (£69.99) playset. It is populated with jumps that can be set at a range of heights, along with fences, a podium, trophies and two equestriennes. It’s ideal for creating a varied course fit for thrilling tournaments!

And if all that wasn’t enough, new figurines, priced from £2.49, have cantered into the Club. They’re certain to gallop into the hearts of young equestrian lovers! From graceful Andalusian mares to elegant Arab stallions and majestic Friesian, the Club offers plenty for horse fans to collect along with new accessories such as saddles, blankets, food and grooming kits.

This collection will fire the imaginations of young horse fans everywhere!

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