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Car seats recalled

Car seats recalled

Mums, have you checked your car seats? Here at Mum’s.TV we urge all parents to look as they could be unsafe for your little ones to be driven around in.

Argos has identified five Mamas & Papas car seats as a potential safety risk, so parents should stop using them immediately if they own any models. The retailer is recalling the seats amid safety concerns they would fail to fully protect children in the event of an accident. It is feared the shells of the car seats may crack in the impact of a crash.

All the seats being recalled are manufactured by Mamas & Papas exclusively for Argos. The five seats are: Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Black, Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Grey, Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1-2-3 Black, Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1-2-3 Grey, and Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 2-3 Black and Grey.

A statement on the Argos website says buyers of any car seat identified for the recall notice should “immediately stop using the product” and return it to a local Argos store for a full refund.

UK residents with questions about the recall notice should contact the Argos Customer Service Team on 0345 600 5388.

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