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Giovanna Fletcher talks to UKMums.TV

Giovanna Fletcher talks to UKMums.TV

If you’ve ever been interested in what life is like for celebrity mums, read on. UKMums.TV grabbed a chat with author, vlogger and mum-of-two Giovanna Fletcher. She’s married to Tom Fletcher, of McBusted, and was named Celebrity Mum of the Year earlier this year.

The 31-year-old is admired by her followers for her frank views on post-baby body image. She’s also gone public with her own body shaming experience. Giovanna was taken aback when a woman wanting a photograph said ‘Mummy’s still got her tummy’, just 11 days after the birth of her second child son Buddy, now six months old. Recalling the incident, Giovanna tells UKMums.TV: “I was in shock when it happened but a few days later I thought to myself my body is amazing, it gave me two babies! As a woman, you’re always going to feel self-doubt and that’s okay. We should be celebrating the fact we’re mothers rather than bashing each-other on the head.”

She’s written four adult fiction novels about relationships, and is in the process of writing her fifth, but admits balancing work with family life is a constant juggling act. She credits husband Tom, himself a Celebrity Dad of the Year winner, for helping to make it work. “We share parenting completely,” she says. “We’re a team. I think that’s really important as parents and I feel really lucky that it’s worked out that way as we’re both able to enjoy time at home.”

On what she loves most about motherhood, she says: “The cuddles and unconditional love you get is just brilliant.” Like most parents she hates the sleepless nights, something she is experiencing a lot of at the moment as her eldest, Buzz, 30 months, is going through a sleep regression phase.  And of her Celebrity Mum of the Year 2016 award, she adds modestly: “It’s completely bonkers because I don’t consider myself a celebrity but it was really lovely and sweet.”

Giovanna is ambassador of The Colouring Café by Ribena, an arts initiative she describes as being all about celebrating the quirky little things in life. To find out more about The Colouring Cafe, click this link.

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