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Celebs lead 9/11 tributes

Celebs lead 9/11 tributes

For many it only seems like yesterday, but it’s been 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. The world of social media has been deluged with tributes, with celebrities among people worldwide paying their respects to the thousands who lost their lives in the tragedy using the hashtag #NeverForget.

As the Mirror reports, everyone from reality TV to Formula One stars have been sharing their memories of the disaster. Kim Kardashian is quoted as posting on Twitter: “15 years ago today I remember my dad calling me waking me up to tell me not to come into the office & told me what happened in NYC. We then had a family meeting at my moms & prayed. Life is so precious & I pray for everyone who was affected by this awful tragedy. #NeverForget911"

Her sister Kourtney added on Twitter: "I will #Neverforget this day 15 years ago. Reflecting on the absence but also remembering the strength and courage." Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to the brave firemen who helped in the search with a touching photograph. "Remembering the victims and their loved ones today. May God bless you, and this incredible city. #NeverForget," he said.

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