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Channel 4 show focuses on social media in school

Channel 4 show focuses on social media in school

Channel 4’s Educating Manchester has been a huge hit yet again! This series follows school life at Harrop Fold, a school in Salford. Each episode focuses on a separate part of school life, such as the school play, head boy and girl elections and general teen angst- we can confirm that there has been plenty of this! Last night it was time to put social media in the hot seat as the episode focused on the huge part digital life plays in school.

The episode focused on the teacher’s struggle trying to deal with social media in school as well as the effect it has on the pupils. Head of Behaviour, Mr Chambers opens the episode with “I hate social media. It is the bane of my life” and we soon see why.

Last night’s episode showed a Snapchat message spread around the school encouraging pupils to come to school in trainers, known as a “trainer strike”. The trainer offenders were caught immediately and made to write out lines saying, “I do not make the rules here. We wear the same uniform because we are a team.” It just goes to show how one anonymous message online can have such an impact on school life the next day.

The Head Teacher, Mr Povey, also had to muck in to help out a situation that started with social media. He tried to keep the peace between two friends who had fallen out over a boy on FaceTime, this was just one of many incidents in last night’s episode has social media at the heart.

The episode also showed kids openly texting and playing games in class and one pupil even told a teacher to ‘hang on a minute’ while she finished a game. We were shocked too!

The school seemed to take a softer approach to social media and even tried to embrace it. Deputy Head Mr Povey said: “It would be nonsense to try and stop children bringing phones to school. It is new exciting technology. Why wouldn’t we embrace it?”

In one sense he is right; kids will use social media whether or not they are allowed to in school so it’s better trying to regulate it than ban it, although the trouble is social media seems to become too important for kids even when they were in class.

Did you watch last night’s episode of Educating Greater Manchester? Do you think phones and social media should be banned in school? Let us know your thoughts on social media in school on Facebook and Twitter.

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