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Check out the Gross toys from the Grossery Gang!

Check out the Gross toys from the Grossery Gang!

 Aimed at the collectors amongst us, the Grossery Gang has everything needed for kids that love to collect! The toy range from Flair Plc, includes playsets, figure packs and more to help kick start the collection and each item includes a cool leaflet so you can keep on top of what you characters you are in need of! There’s over 150 to collect!

We’ve had a look through the entire toy range from Flair, check out everything below!

The Grossery Gang Surprise Pack – RRP £2.49
This is not your normal chocolate bar! There are two crazy Grossery Gang characters inside this wacky wrapper. Kids won’t know what they will get until they unwrap the surprise! But one thing is certain – whatever is inside is pretty tricky, squishy and downright icky.

The Grossery Gang 4-Pack – RRP £4.99
This is one can of craziness! Kids can tear open the can and see what they get in this funny four pack. There are four Grossery Gang guys you can see, but one is hidden. Kids should keep an eye out for the Ultra Rare Moldy Veg or the Limited Edition Trashed Cans with a metallic finish.

The Grossery Gang 10-Pack – RRP £9.99
The Grossery Gang Large Pack is waiting to be opened and shared. Ten wacky Grossery Gang characters are visible and two are hidden for a fun surprise. Kids will love the fun packaging that resembles a bag a chips carrying their new characters.

The Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Collectors Cup – RRP £14.99
The Grossery Gang Collectors Cup is the perfect way for kids to store their collection and take them on the go. In the shape of a Slurpee Cup, it's the coolest way to store and play! Comes with two exclusives Grosseries with storage enough to hold up to 40 characters!

The Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset – RRP £14.99 
This Mushy Slushie Machine Playset is refreshingly gross. This playset is the craziest way to play and display the Grossery Gang! Kids can crank the lever to launch their Grossery characters into the Slushie cup then pour themselves a big, gross combination of yuck. They can try some gross fruit, mixed with Fungus Fries, and play, display and make a Mushy Slushie. This playset comes with two exclusive Grossery Gang characters.

The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart Playset – RRP £19.99 
Welcome to the Yucky Mart, it's the one stop shop for grossness! Kids can check out the launcher on the counter and see if they can dunk their gang into the giant slushie! Grossery characters will chill with cool friends in the queasy freezer or just hang with the gang on the shelves. They should watch out for the moldy microwave, or they may have a melt down! This Yucky Mart playset comes with two exclusive Grosseries.

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