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Check out the other Yo-kai Characters!

Check out the other Yo-kai Characters!

You’ve met the main Yo-kai, now check out some of our favourite other characters, new and classic!

Sgt. Burly
The much-loved boss of Burly's Bootcamp, he doesn't go easy on training Yo-kai. Do you even lift, Yo?

A lion who’s realized his full potential. He always waits for the perfect moment before striking. Sometimes he can make those he’s inspirited wait too long!

Robonyan F
Robonyan's latest model is leaner and meaner than ever, stripped of all unnecessary features.

This Yo-kai needs no reason to pick his nose and is always curious about what's inside his nostrils.

Classic Yo-kai

Ready for a Yo-kai history lesson? When you travel to the past, you’ll meet many classic Yo-kai from ancient folklore. These are the Yo-kai that all other Yo-kai look up to. They can scare and inspirit anyone without use of modern technology or tricks.

The spirit of a well-loved parasol. Just thinking about his owner makes him jump up and down with joy.

A harmless Yo-kai with an odd look. With only 1 eye, he saves a lot on contact lenses.

Lady Longneck
She could pass for human if she could resist the urge to stretch out her super-long neck.

Half-girl, half-fish, this Yo-kai has a lovely voice and is ever so curious about life on land.

Faux Kappa
Now THIS is a "Yo-kai!" There's a possibility that he's related to Walkappa!

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