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Check out the Wild Life Collection!

Check out the Wild Life Collection!

The Schleich Wild Life Collection gives children the opportunity to explore the jungle, dive into the ocean or wander around the forest. Imaginative play with the Schleich’s Wild Life Collection teaches children about the world around them, with the option of small figures or larger play sets there are hours of fun to be had.

Children can learn about what animals live in the forests of North America and northern Europe. The Mountain Animal set (£14.99) includes a mountain goat, a wild sheep and an Alpine ibex which are all famously good climbers. Figurines like the Moose Bull (£6.49) and Wild Boar (£4.49) introduce children to animals that are not common where they live to give them a wider understanding of nature.

Children also love the jungle themed animals from Wild Life Collection; it gives them the opportunity to learn about exotic creatures from around the world. From the Fascinating Asian elephant (£7.49) to the giant panda figure (£5.49), children can create an imaginative wild life setting where all animals live harmoniously.

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