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Check out the Wild! Science range!

Check out the Wild! Science range!

As part of the Wild! Science takeover, we are bringing you everything you need to know about the cool range of science kits. The kits teach young ones really important scientific lessons in a fun and relaxed way, making them ideal for learning at home.

So let's see what the range has to offer and all the fun experiments which can be had!

Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Lab – RRP £14.99

Create dazzling optical effects by reflecting light from glitter and bubbling water. In the glitter tube, the glitter is suspended in a thick liquid called glycerine. Each piece of glitter is a tiny mirror that reflects light and with lots of tiny mirrors, the light is scattered in all directions to create a sparkling effect. In the lava lamp, a fizzy chemical reaction between an acid and a base produces bubbles of carbon dioxide gas, creating a spectacular effect that looks just like an underwater volcano! Make your own light-up bubbling lava lamp and shimmering glitter tube to display in your room!

Cake Soap Factory – RRP £14.99

The soap in this kit can be melted and moulded to make almost any solid shape. Whipping the soap creates a stable foam that can be piped onto soap cakes to make any sweet creation you can imagine. Learn about solids, liquids, stable foam, floating and sinking. Make cupcake soaps, foamy buttercream and soapy decorations. Then use as soap or give to loved ones as gifts!

Bath Bomb Factory – RRP £14.99

Create beautiful scented, multi-coloured bath bombs to keep for yourself or give to friends! Make special heart shaped, flower shaped and butterfly shaped bath bombs, as well as traditional round bath bombs. Investigate the science of 'fizz'! Experiment with magic fizzy soda water, volcano mix and many more activities with this fun kit.

Perfume Factory – RRP £14.99

Extract and blend your own secret formula scents using the special pressure filtering tools. With an assortment of real base notes and top notes the possibilities are endless Store your favourite perfume creation in the beautiful stained glass bottle. The set has 5 small bottles for experimenting with different scent combinations. Use stickers to label your scents and give them to your friends. Create perfumed Ruby Gel Pot Pourri to make your room smell divine. You can store and display your equipment and perfumes in the pink storage unit.

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