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Check out what else is available from the Weebles range!

Check out what else is available from the Weebles range!

This week, as part of the Weebles Paw Patrol  takeover, we’ve been introducing you to the exciting wobbily toy range from Character Options. The toys are such a hit with pre-schoolers that we thought we would put together another guide to the wider Weebles range too.

Read our handy guide to the rest of the toys in the wibbily wobbily Weebles range!

Peppa Pig Weebles

The Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Playhouse (RRP £29.99) is the perfect home for Peppa Weebles to have fun. Pre-schoolers can wind the handle to move Peppa and her friends up to the slide and then they can watch as they slide down and land in the roundabout! This playset also has an exclusive muddy puddle Peppa Weeble included too.

For a wibbily wobbily road trip, there’s the Peppa Pig Weebles Push-Along Car (RRP £14.99). As children push the car along, Peppa wibbles and wobbles until the car comes to a stop! The set includes a cute Peppa Weeble and the car has space for a friend too!

To boost your children’s collection, there are the special Peppa Pig Weebles Figures (RRP £4.99). These figures look just like the famous Peppa characters but they come with a twist… they never fall down! There are lots of different figures to collect, including favourites such as Peppa, Mummy Pig, Freddy Fox and Candy Cat.

Weebledown Farm

Children can have hours of fun with the Farm Mill & Barn playset! (£29.99). With its chunky design and fun Rusty the Rooster Weeble, pre-schoolers can have endless wibbily wobbily fun!

Little ones can also play imaginatively with the Wobbily Tractor (RRP £19.99) which pulls the Wobbily Vehicles (RRP £7.99) around the farmyard. The three vehicles come with a farm Weeble and they are in the shape of classic farm items such as a hay bale and a wool sack.

For even more characters, children can pick from Weebles such as Dapples the Horse, Dippy the Sheep and Jet the Dog! (RRP £4.99)

Farm-themed play is a classic pattern which pre-schoolers simply love so combined with wobbily Weebles, the Weebledown Farm collection is a winner!

Find out more about the collection here or shop the whole Weebles range HERE

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Check out what else is available from the Weebles range!
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