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Child magician wows audience at Britain’s Got Talent semi-final!

Child magician wows audience at Britain’s Got Talent semi-final!

Young star Issy Simpson stole the show last night at the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals and walked away with the most public votes of the night! Issy was so thrilled that she won the evening with the most public votes that she burst into tears and had to be comforted by her mother on stage.

The 8 year old magician astonished the judges at her audition and last night was no different. She had a note written on a closed envelope; she then asked the judges a series of questions including what was Amanda Holden’s favourite time of day and how much money David Walliams had in his pocket.  As she opened up the note it revealed each of the judge’s specific answers in a story about herself enjoying a day out in London with her grandad.

Issy has learnt all of her tricks from granddad Russ Stevens, who is also a magician and used to work on BGT coaching other magicians. This sparked recent claims by newspapers that Issy’s act is a fix. Even if her grandfather used to work on the show she is a star in her own right and should have the recognition she deserves!

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