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Children still missing after Grenfell Tower fire

Children still missing after Grenfell Tower fire

After a few short days the harrowing facts are yet to emerge from the fire that took hold and destroyed a London tower block on Tuesday.

Fire chiefs have said that they do not expect to find more survivors, at this point 17 people are confirmed dead but the death toll is set to rise as many more people are missing.

More than 70 people remain unaccounted for since the blaze, amongst those missing are children from baby's through to teens. The grief those families must be experiencing is unbearable.

On the night of Tuesday 13th June the 24 storey residential tower in West London set ablaze with families trapped inside the burning building for hours as emergency services tried to rescue them in the early hours of the morning. The fire is believed to have been started on the fourth floor but spread quickly throughout the rest of the tower.

Other tower blocks in the UK are being checked for the external cladding that is suspected to be responsible for the rapid escalation of the flames that rendered escape impossible. It is believed that the cladding used on Grenfell Tower is actually banned in the US because of the fire and smoke spread. The PM has launched a full public enquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster, the criminal investigation is set to hold those responsible for the tragedy.

The public are outraged by the failings that led to the disaster at Grenfell Tower, when Sadiq Khan went to visit the site yesterday and was heckled by a seven your old school boy Kai Ramos who yelled repeatedly: “How many kids died, Mr Khan? How many?”

We at UKMums.TV have all our thoughts with the families and friends of all involved including the emergency services who will never forget the harrowing scenes. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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