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Children with food allergies are more likely to suffer from anxiety

Children with food allergies are more likely to suffer from anxiety

Does your little one suffer from food allergies? Do they get worried when they go to their friend's party and can't eat the party food? Are the trouubled when they have to eat a different meal to their friend's at school?

A recent study carried out by Columbia University found that 57 percent of youngsters with a food allergy report symptoms of anxiety versue 48 percent without such a sensitivity.

Researchers believe that the higher level of anxiety in youngsters with food sensitivty could be due to the fact that they feel different form their peers.

If you have a little one that suffers from food allergies, it is important to remind them that although they may not know any other children that have to deal with food allergies there are many other children that do suffer with food sensitivity. Also some of the most common food sensitivities seen in children like milk, eggs, soy and wheat, can be outgrown!

If your little one ges anxious about their food allergies, here are a few things that you can do at home to help them manage their anxiety.

  1. Pay attention to your child's feelings.
  2. Stay calm whn your child becomes anxious about an event.
  3. Recognise and praise small accomplishments they make wth their food management.
  4. Plan for parties - pack fun food alternatives for your child.
  5. Always pack healty snack alternatives.

If you think that your child is showing symptoms of food intolerance, head over to the NHS website for more details about food allergies,

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