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Christmas is around the corner … so let’s get creative!

Christmas is around the corner … so let’s get creative!

Christmas is just around the corner and it won’t be long until the kids break up from school! If you want some ideas to get creative with the  with the kids over the Christmas break then why not try some good old fashioned arts and crafts! Here are a few Christmas themed craft ideas to get you and your kids in the festive spirit!

Homemade snow globes

Want to make your own glittery snow globes from home? Then simply follow these instructions:

1. Pick up a glass jar from your local supermarket
2. Decide what you would like to put in your snow globe -a mini snowman or a little Christmas tree would be a good choice
3. Glue, place, and stick your plastic figurine to the inside of the jar lid.
4. Fill your jar with water and add glitter—1-2 teaspoons will do the job!
5. Screw the lid on the jar and shake away – there you go your very own snow globe!

Paper plate snowman garland

This one is perfect for indoor play in the winter! To make the house a cheery place all you need to do is buy some white paper plates!

1. Give your kids the white paper plates and a variety of felt tips pens
2. Then have them draw funny snowman faces on them
3. Cut out noses of the snowman from orange card and glue them onto the paper plates
4. Then cut two holes in the top and thread string through them to make a lovely bright garland.
Cotton wool Santa beard
Cotton wool balls are the perfect material for Santa’s woolly beard!
1. Simply cut out a piece of card in the shape of Santa’s beard
2. Then attach cotton wool balls to the card with glue to create a beard for Santa!
3. For additional Christmas sparkle, throw on some glitter and sequins!

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